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Action Leads To Change




I believe in the concept of GROWTH through ACTION. We have tremendous opportunity for growth in times of discomfort and change in our lives. During these liminal moments - when life feels completely out of your control - these are actually the times when you have the most incredible potential for positive change in your life! 

In my first semester of seminary, I was a complete mess and questioning everything that I thought was true about myself. For 23 years, I had lived and been socialized as a girl and woman. And yet there I was, standing at a crossroads in my mind, knowing that...  


How I Can

Help You

1 hr | $50.00

In these sessions we will focus on creating and implementing an action-based plan that will move you in the direction of achieving your goals!

Life Coaching

30 min | $25

Short on time? Already making headway on your goals and just need some quick accountability and strategizing each week? This 30 minute lightning session is for you!

Lightning Session

Five 1 hr Sessions | $200

Want to get the most out of our time together and maximize savings? A five-session package offers a 20% discount!

Coaching Package


Free 30 min session

Want to learn more about coaching, but not sure yet if you want to commit? Come try a free 30 minute session! We can talk about your goals and answer any questions you have about the coaching process.