Action Leads To Change



I believe in the concept of GROWTH through ACTION. We have tremendous opportunity for growth in times of discomfort and change in our lives. During these liminal moments - when life feels completely out of your control - these are actually the times when you have the most incredible potential for positive change in your life! 

So, what about you? Do you feel the pull of your intuition? Listen closely. What is it telling you? As a coach, I want to see you THRIVE, and I believe you hold all of the potential for that already inside of you. Are you ready to surprise yourself with what you can accomplish? 

In my first semester of seminary, I was a complete mess and questioning everything that I thought was true about myself. For 23 years, I had lived and been socialized as a girl and woman. And yet there I was, standing at a crossroads in my mind, knowing that I could no longer live in the discomfort of an identity that was not my own. Believe me, it was NOT easy. But all along the journey, there was a small, insistent voice that tugged at me saying, "Change needs to happen.

You NEED this.

And as is usually the case with our intuition, it led me to the path I needed to be on - toward a life filled with meaning, potential, enriching experiences, and life-giving relationships.​

Free 30 min session

Want to learn more about coaching, but not sure yet if you want to commit? Come try a free 30 minute session! We can talk about your goals and answer any questions you have about the coaching process. 

Trans BIPOC can always access my services for free. 

All pricing after the initial session is done on a SLIDING SCALE and NO ONE will be turned away due to financial hardship.


I believe in the unity of the whole person. Our THOUGHTS affect our EMOTIONS; our emotions affect our BODIES; and our ENVIRONMENT affects all three. Because of this, I coach clients from a holistic approach. In our sessions, we will:

Work together to discover your goals

Use your own insight into your emotional, physical, and mental awareness to create an action plan

You have the POWER to create meaningful change in your life!

Address roadblocks you may find on your way. 

As a coach, I am genuine, detail-oriented, and adaptable. My

goal is to create a space where you feel comfortable and confident in ENVISIONING your goals, and then to help you DISCERN your path to those goals.